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We Tried Coffee Chews and LOVE Them

These things have been a huge hit in our home.  Its spring, so I am busy spring cleaning and getting a head start on things ( It warmed up early ) and the dogs are happy they can get outside and hike and play.  Taking along a cup of coffee isn’t always possible and these are great to shove in the jacket pocket and enjoying on the go.  With 50mg of caffeine, 100mg theanine, plus other supplements for focused energy on the go they are the perfect travel size, no fuss option for every day.

I take a few out while I’m hiking or taking the dogs on a mega walk.  The husband has been grabbing a few to take to work at night and he wants another box to put in with our camping supplies.   We camp off grid in the middle of nowhere so having these on hand will be an amazingly easy way to keep both of us happily caffeinated out fishing or hiking the forest and they taste amazing.

If you love coffee …. you gotta try these !

Product Description

GO CUBES Chewable Coffee pack half a cup of coffee (50 mg caffeine) into a single bite. They come in three delicious flavors – mocha, pure drip, and latte (each pack is assorted), and they are made with the highest quality ingredients for an amazing & unique taste. GO CUBES pack more than just caffeine – they have other supplements that improve performance and remove the jitteriness of caffeine for a well-rounded, focused feel. Convenience, performance, and yumminess make these gummies perfect for coffee lovers – always have a perfect cube of coffee within arm’s reach!


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