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Perfect For Kids ~ The Scout’s Guide to Wild Edibles: Learn How To Forage, Prepare & Eat 40 Wild Foods

Our nephew loves everything having to do with outside.  He fishes, hunts, love to go out on the boat and has showed an interest in learning to forage different things.  Since he doesn’t live with us these days I decided to buy him a few books of his own to keep him interested and learning no matter who he is with.

This book is great.  It has a ton of information and ideas.  Small enough to fit in a pocket or toss in a backpack it has information on 40 different wild plants and mushrooms.  Great pictures to help with identification and great ideas on how to cook things to make the most of your find, plus a bunch of fun activities to keep them entertained and learning.   Its a great book for all ages and one that every parent who spends time with the kids in natural surroundings should have on hand.

Editorial Reviews


While its title brings to mind young foragers, this book, designed to fit easily among camping gear, is for nature lovers of all experience levels. It also functions as more than simply a guide―the narrative is peppered with the author’s often entertaining anecdotes from his many years as a Boy Scouts participant and leader, a wild foods educator, and a National Wild Foods Association Hall of Fame forager. Veteran foragers will no doubt find some pro tips in these pages, and inexperienced foragers are likely to grow awfully curious about the free food lurking in their yards and along their favorite hiking trails. (Katie O’Reilly Sierra Magazine (Sierra Club))

This delightful, pocket-sized guide helps beginners of all ages to identify 40 wild edibles. (Susan Vinskofski Learning and Yearning Blog)

The Scout’s Guide to Wild Edibles is certainly pitched to Scouts and has many great ideas for projects, fund raisers, and activities, but any of this information would be fun and engaging for any beginner or group wanting to organize a foray or outing. And there are many great ideas to introduce kids of all ages to foraging for the first time! The size and scope is just right for beginning foragers. (Britt A. Bunyard, Publisher & EIC Fungi Magazine)


“With precision, humor and enthusiasm, Mike Krebill walks us though his favorite edible plants and mushroom. Mike is a lifelong teacher; his years of experience, both in the classroom and in the field, make this book a joy to read.” Ellen Zachos, author of Backyard Foraging (Ellen Zachos)

“Scouts and outdoor enthusiasts will find this well thought out guide indispensable as they search for the tastiest of wild edibles in their local fields and woods. The Scout’s Guide is a must-read for the new and experienced forager alike.” J.T. Dabbs, III, Scout Executive, Greater Alabama Council; author of Southeastern Edibles (J.T. Dabbs, III, Scout Executive)

“As a previous Girl Scout professional staff person and Trainer, I know The Scout’s Guide will be a fantastic resource for leaders, camp staff and girls. Mike’s style, developed as a Middle School science teacher, nature center director and Boy Scout leader is well suited to making the material clear, succinct and interesting for all ages.” Lynn Pace, former Girl Scout District Executive (Lynn Pace)

“With more than five decades of experience teaching wild edibles to youth, there is no person better qualified than Mike Krebill to write this book. The Scout’s Guide to Wild Edibles is a thoughtful selection of some of the best and most common wild plants and mushrooms – with fantastic photography, accurate and concise instructions, and simple, well-tested recipes. Perfect for beginning foragers of all ages.” Sam Thayer, author of Nature’s Garden and The Forager’s Harvest. (Sam Thayer)

“This is a great book to introduce Scouts or anyone else to foraging. It covers some of the most common, widespread edible plants and mushrooms in a clear, concise manner, with photos that are as instructive as the text. I wish I had this one back when I began to learn foraging myself!” “Wildman” Steve Brill, author of The Wild Vegan Cookbook (“Wildman” Steve Brill)



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