How To Pull Off Shabby Chic Easily

I have always loved shabby chic.  It literally means “ragged”  but the entire idea is to make your home comfortable without having to spend a lot of money.  Its a relax, informal and eclectic style influenced by the interior of the Mediterranean, Tuscany and Provence.   I love mixing and matching old and new and have found that even a touch of industrial & steampunk can be worked in and still look great,  making our home beautiful, comfortable and a style that is truly ours.

Traditionally shabby chic works with neutrals or soft colors like blues, pinks or shades of greens.  I tend to break the rules here, but well, I also have a husband to keep happy.  He is not doing pink or florals.  So dark navy blue with shabby chic furniture and style is our thing.  Yes, I know… I’m a rule a breaker.

Florals and plaids are popular for shabby chic style and a great way to add a bit of interest to any room.  Lace is another one I love.

Shabby Chic lets you show off your personal style while sticking to a natural based items,  keeping it fairly Eco friendly.  Wood, Cotton, linens, natural items like plants and twigs,  and even wrought iron are great choices for shabby chic.  Best of all furniture, cabinets and decor items are easily re-purposed.

Kitchens look amazingly warm and inviting in shabby chic and will become your favorite room in the home.

Bathrooms look equally amazing

The furniture is economical.  Those old tables, chairs and cabinets that show their age and have a bit of history look amazing in this setting adding in warmth and a charming romantic feel at a fraction of the cost.  Look for those worn treasures at yard sales, flea markets or you can find many distressed items online if needed.

Old is not always the way to go.  When it comes to things like couches and those comfy side chairs, invest in new, great quality and something that you love to set the stage for you other shabby chic items.  Always try to find furniture in solid colors. Then dress them up with pretty pillows and throw blankets to add interest. When your bored and want a change just change out the accessories instead of buying new. Great way to change the decor for winter and summer.

As for decor, paintings, tapestries, mirrors placed in distressed frames are great choices.  If you have a green thumb stick to the “natural” idea and add in vines or beautiful house plants and blooming flowers.  Embroidery works especially well and can add in a bit of whimsy to any space.  Old vintage lace.   Old plates, pitchers, candles can be used here and there to spruce up your space and make it your own and of course area rugs can add in comfort and elegance.


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