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Loveseat in Steeple Gray ~ The Perfect Affordable Solution For Our Living Room


We live in a very rural area,  with limited stores so us shopping Amazon is pretty normal.  We needed a new couch after the last time I let my sister kids spend a few nights here ( ya…they totally ruined our old one ) and honestly, the large couch just wasn’t great for the space we have any ways.  It was to bulky and just didn’t fit in well with our lay out.

I found these on Amazon for a decent price and decided to try them out.  Love that they were delivered to our front door.  It came in a box and the entire thing was stuffed in there like a jigsaw puzzle but it was fairly easy to put together,  even for me.  Its sturdy, well made and I love the fabric.  Its not very deep but that isn’t a problem since it helps to save a bit of space.  There was a slight smell but it aired out in no time.  Two of these in our living room is great.  We have plenty of seating for us and any guests and they don’t look nearly as out of place as the old large couch did.  We both think they are comfortable and the pillows they came with are a nice touch although I ditched the ones that came with it for others that fit into our “theme”.

Love them ! They were cheap enough to be affordable ( especially when you factor in a day driving, gas money, plus out and about money and impulse buying …. my husband is so bad lol )  but yet expensive enough that I can say NO to the children staying here overnight to avoid another replacement in the future.

They do have the normal size couch also so if your looking to do the more traditional couch loveseat combo the option is there along with lighter colors.  We just like dark.



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