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Gardening Must Have ~ Japanese Hori Hori Stainless Steel, Garden Digging Knife with Leather Sheath

Worth its weight in gold.  Last spring we moved our garden to the side yard.  It was easier to water,  the soil was better and I could keep an eye on it better ( the year before someone showed up and stripped everything ) but the weeds were awful.   They threatened to choke out everything and keeping up with it on my own was difficult.  I finally came up with an idea.  Using an old bread knife I started slicing the weeds out, doing a row a day.  It worked so well and the weeds stayed gone.   Long story short.  I destroyed the knife so the husband went shopping and found this !  It worked,  does a better job easier and our garden for the most part is weed free and healthy.   Seriously,  just sit down on your knees and cut about an inch or so under the soil vertically being careful not to harm your plants.   You kill the root system and can pull the weeds right out.  His brother was complaining about the weeds in their garden and how his wife was having such a hard time keeping up with it.  Ours was triple the size and weed free.   Get one !  Its so much easier then pulling by hand ( especially if you have weeds like we do ) and easier on the back.  Picking up a 2nd one to have on hand so I am never without.

Enjoy creating your beautiful garden with help from this authentic Japanese hori hori!

1. Don’t be fooled by cheaper Chinese copies
• This traditional Japanese digging knife is the Nisaku brand which has been made in Japan for many years by Tomita. Nisaku blades and steel tools have a reputation for quality.
• The recent popularity of hori hori knives for gardening encouraged many third-party Amazon sellers to offer lower-quality knockoffs from China labeled with their personal brand.

2. A favorite multi-function tool
• Easy-to-use weeder is also great for metal detecting, backpacking, and camping.
• Serrated edge can easily cut through grass or plant roots and ropes.
• Sharp blade makes it easy to divide perennials and cut open bags of soil.
• Blade is concave like a trowel for scooping and mixing in soil amendments.

3. High quality for durability
• Japanese steel blade is mirror polished to resist rust and dirt.
• It is extremely sharp and the hardened steel blade can be sharpened again as needed.
• To protect you and your hori hori, MB HANA includes a top grain leather sheath – custom made in USA to fit the Nisaku hori hori.
• The leather sheath is slotted to fit belts up to 2 inches.
• A Nisaku vinyl sheath from the manufacturer is also included as a bonus.


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