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Works With Echo & Reduces The Phone Bill ~ Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

A great thing if you have a fast internet connection and need a land line phone.  Talked my mother into one of these to have at the house since she tends to lose the cell or something goes wrong with it.  It costs her just a few dollars a month and now we don’t have to worry that something is wrong and she can’t get to the phone.  Works with Echo dot also making it handsfree,  another feature we liked for her for those “oh no” moments.

  • Crystal-clear nationwide calling for free and low international rates. Pay only monthly applicable taxes and fees.
  • Ooma is a full router capable of prioritizing voice data and directing traffic to ensure the most reliable phone service.
  • Ooma Telo seamlessly interacts with your favorite smart products like Amazon Echo and Nest to make your home safer and more convenient than ever before.
  • PureVoice HD delivers superior voice quality for a consistently great calling experience.
  • Built-in 900MHz dual-core processor provides the power for Ooma PureVoice including HD Voice and adaptive redundancy for a more natural sounding voice without stuttering or interruption.

Ooma Telo

Smart Home Phone Service

Get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free. You pay only applicable taxes and fees. Connect the Ooma Telo to your high-speed Internet and activate online. Optional advanced features are available with Ooma Premier service including the ability to block telemarketers and other unwanted callers and integrate with numerous smart products.

Features included with the basic calling service:

  • PureVoice HD technology for clarity and reliability
  • Integration with Amazon Echo and its voice-enabled smart assistant, Alexa
  • Caller-ID, call-waiting, call return, 911 and 911 text alerts
  • Online portal with call log, preferences and contacts
  • One-touch voicemail audio playback
  • Remote voicemail retrieval and online playback
  • Fax mode
  • Live customer support
  • Choose any available area code
  • Ooma Mobile HD app for free outbound calling
  • Everyday low rates on international calling
  • Unlimited calling to over 60 countries with the Ooma World Plan
  • Free Ooma-to-Ooma calling worldwide

Connect your phone and connect your home.

Ooma + Amazon Echo: Voice activated dialing

With Amazon Echo and its voice-enabled smart assistant, Alexa, you can initiate phone calls by number or by contact name and check voicemail, all through Ooma’s cloud platform. The Ooma Skill can be enabled from the Amazon Alexa app and activated for a free trial for Amazon Echo users.

Ooma + Nest: Safety, convenience and peace of mind for your family

Automatically forward home phone calls when you leave the house. Receive a call from home when your smoke alarm detects smoke or CO and have the option to contact your local emergency services. Receive a call from home when things don’t go as planned. Premier service required.

Ooma + IFTTT: Integrate endless smart products with your home phone via IFTTT

Get real-time push notifications on your Apple Watch or smartphone. Let your Philips Hue or LIFX smart light bulbs tell you when someone calls or leaves a voicemail. Automatically upload new voicemails and archive old ones to Dropbox or Google Drive. Get notified of incoming calls and voicemails via Gmail. And many other integrations available at your fingertips. Premier service required.

Ooma Mobile HD App

Download the Ooma Mobile HD app and take your Ooma service on-the-go.

Make free U.S. calls on your smartphone using your Ooma phone number from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. Features include the ability to upload contacts to the Ooma address book, listen to Ooma voicemail, and change Ooma preferences directly from the app.

Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Premier Service

Upgrade to the finest in home phone service with Ooma Premier.

You get all the features included in Basic Service plus these amazing features.

Blacklisting, Free Ooma Mobile HD App inbound and outbound calling, Second Number, Connected Home integrations, Instant Second Line, Backup number, Advanced voicemail features like voicemail monitoring, private voicemail, send to voicemail, Three-way conferencing, Caller name ID, Anonymous call blocking, Call forwarding, Free mobile minutes, Multi-ring, Do not disturb, Google Voice extensions.

Ooma World Plan

Unlimited International calling to over 60 countries.

Keep in touch with friends and family virtually anywhere in the world for next to nothing.

Save money with the unlimited Ooma World Plan. Or, pay as you go with low everyday rates. Use the Ooma Mobile HD app for iOS or Android to call from anywhere. Requires Ooma device and active account.

  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Minimum 180 Kbps upstream network speed
  • Corded or cordless home phone, or optional Ooma HD2 Handset
  • Intended for residential use only

What is PureVoice HD?

With PureVoice HD technology Ooma delivers crisp, clear voice quality and fewer dropped calls even when the Internet is busy.

  • Packet loss causes phone calls to sound stuttered or garbled. Ooma’s Adaptive Redundancy detects packet loss and automatically sends redundant packets for better sounding phone calls and fewer dropped calls.
  • Ooma HD Voice technology doubles the fidelity of your phone calls. When you and the other caller use an Ooma handset or mobile app your voice sounds more natural.
  • Ooma uses an advanced voice compression algorithm that reduces bandwidth consumption by 60 percent over standard VoIP technology.
  • Ooma prioritizes voice packets without slowing down the rest of your network so you can enjoy crystal-clear calls even while viewing online video.
  • Ooma takes your privacy seriously. We use the same encryption technology governments use to protect classified data (which makes Ooma even safer than your old landline).

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