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Brother XM1010 with 10 stitches, 4-Step Auto-Size Buttonholer, 4 Sewing’, & instructional DVD ~ Affordable Crafting

Perfect & just the right size and does everything I need.  Easy to set up, learn and use, the XM1010 offers the perfect set of features for everyday sewing and Mending, at an affordable price. Included are 10 stitches for blind hems, stretch stitches, buttonholes, zipper insertion, and more. Selecting your stitches is as easy as turning the dial, and the reverse sewing lever allows you to easily secure stitches at the beginning and end of a seam. Four sewing Presser feet are included, with zipper, buttonhole, button sewing and zigzag feet. The upper thread tension control dial enables you to easily adjust the thread tension to help prevent puckering. This machine also has the Brother jam-resistant quick-set drop-in top bobbin, and clear-view bobbin cover and bobbin that give you the ability to see when you are running low on thread. Winding the bobbin is easy, with the automatic bobbin winding system that produces an evenly wound bobbin for optimal sewing results. The built-in free arm/flatbed convertible sewing surface makes it easy to sew cuffs and sleeves, and the bright led lighting helps illuminate the workspace. Included are an instructional DVD to help you get started, and a printed English and Spanish user manual.

Zig Zag foot (‘J’ foot, on machine)

Useful for general purpose sewing, including sewing zigzag stitches

Zipper foot (‘I” foot)

Attach zippers easily on both right and left sides. This foot can be positioned exactly on the edge of the zipper, for more precise placement.

Buttonhole foot (‘A’ foot)

Create buttonholes custom-sized to fit your specific buttons

Button sewing foot (‘M’ foot)

Save time by sewing your buttons on by machine, instead of by hand.


Blind hems

The built-in, nearly invisible blind hem stitch allows you to hem clothes yourself with confidence.


Use the built-in darning stitch function to easily mend jeans and other clothing.


The built-in straight stitches are perfect for quilting and clothing construction.


Use the built-in satin stitch to add appliques to your next project.


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