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My Favorite Online Stores For Amazing Fashions All Year Long

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Yes, these days I really am a country girl.  I even have a coop full of chickens, a few ducks and spend most days in my trusty boots and ripped up jeans while I tend to things here.  The thing you do when you fall in love.  I still love my cloths, shoes, accessories and makeup though !  and when we go to the city or I go out with friends I go back to my city girl style.  Since we don’t spend a lot of time in the city and he hates shopping the mall, well…..the internet has become my friend,  Keeping me in the styles I love ( when I’m not playing in the mud…) and the new husband happy.

For affordable fashions that are drop dead sexy and perfect for catching the eye of the husband I always shop Ami Clubwear.   They have some adorable outfit,  shoes,  super sexy lingerie at amazing prices !!  oh and if you like swimwear,  they are a great place to check out.   Their semi-annual sale is going on now with an extra 55% off so be sure to check them out.

Now there are times when I need more tamed fashions.  Don’t really want to look like the sey goddess you really are in front of family and need to tame it down a bit so I shopp ot conturecandy for my classy things.  I love their jeans, sweaters, tops and especially their swim suits and can always find what I’m looking for.  They styles are fresh and they have a large variety of items, letting me find everything I need.  Love this store.  Its more high end and fabulous !   Oh and if you need an evening dress …they are the place to go.

Last but not least is Amazon.  I can order many of my Luxury Beauty items and have them shipped usually within just a few days.  They have my favorite perfume which is impossible to find here ( the joys of country living ) and amazing products.

Luxury Beauty Store



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