Top 10 Ways to Add Vines To Your Home Even If You Have A Black Thumb ~ 2017 Home Decor Trend

I love my house plants and have many scattered throughout our home, especially in the bathroom where they thrive in the humidity of the shower and dryer,  but the green thumb was not inherited,  it was learned over time and I killed more then a few in the early years.

House plants can be picky,  require watering and will be happier if you give them a misting once a day or more,especially in winter when the air tends to be overly dry,  and you really do need to feed them since they are contained not to mention the occasional pruning

Not everyone has time to do this though so how do you get that lush green look when you don’t have the time to tend to them or the right lighting conditions for the more picky vines ??  You fake it of course.   In face I usually combine the fake with the real so come summer, when most of the house plants get moved out to the porch to enjoy the summer sun I still have a hit of green here and there and the house doesn’t look bare.  This also works great for those spots where you would love to have some green but placing a live plant there just is not practical.   Top of cupboards that are difficult to reach,  rooms or corners that receive little light or anywhere that water could be an issue such as above those precious books or a computer.

Eastern Fashional Life Splendid English Ivy Silk Greenery Wedding Party Garlands (75 feet-12 PCS)  ~  We have a few hanging plants in our bathroom and I use these to decorate above the window with a few fairy lights mixed in.  Not only does it look beautiful and help tie it all together but the lights come on at night and provide a bit of useful light in an otherwise very dark roomm and since I went with solar powered our outlets are free for other things !

4 Bunchs Home Garden Wall Decoration Outdoor Atificial Fake Hanging Vine Plant Leaves Garland V2

Gtidea 2.6 Feet Artificial Persian Plastic Vine Plant Hanging Rattan Fences Windows Wall Decor Home Party Club Ceremony Wedding Green

Luyue Artificial Fake Hanging Vine String Plant Home Garden Wall Decoration, Pack of 1 (33 inches, Yellow)

Luyue Artificial Plants Greeny Ivy Vine Wall Hanging Leaves Garland Home Wedding Decoration,4 Bunchs (White Begonia Leaves Vine)

Artificial Hanging Plant Hogado 84 Feet Silk English Ivy Vine Garland Arrangement Faux Fake Flower Green Leaves Wreath Home Kitchen Garden Office Wedding Wall Banister Cosplay Costume Decor Pack of 12

Yatim 67-Ft 12 Strands Artificial Flowers Silk Fake Hanging Vine Plant Leaves Garland Home Garden Wall Decoration (Money)

192 Feet – 24 Artificial Ivy Vine Fake ivy Silk Greenery Wedding Party Garlands

Nearly Natural 6742-S3 Ruscus Sedum Springeri Hanging Basket, Green, Set of 3


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