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Wild Leek, Ramp (Allium Tricoccum)best Tasting Member of the Onion Family-20 Seed


Wild Leek, Ramp (Allium Tricoccum)best Tasting Member of the Onion Family-20 Seed

We love wild ramps.  They taste like a cross between onions and garlic and can be added to soups, stews, salads or even battered and fried.  They have become a favorite vegetable here every spring and are easily spotted early spring.

The season is amazingly short and they are easily over harvested.  To ensure that the local wild populations remain healthy for years to come we have begun to grow ramps under our shade trees,  in beds and scattered around the trees,  letting them grow, mature and spread out happily.    They are easy to grow, require little if any help and takes the pressure off the wild patches,  letting us enjoy this spring time delicacy for years to come,  without harming the wild colonies of this amazing spring time treat.

Starts can be ordered online and make an amazing edible and interesting addition to any shade garden.  You can also transplant wild dug ramps easily if you have a patch available.  Never take more then 10 % of a patch and never more then once every few years.  They grow slow and need plenty of time to recover.

10 mature size ramps(Allium tricoccum) or Wild leeks


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