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Top 10 Perennial Vegetables Everyone Should Consider Planting

I love our gardens but especially the Perennial vegetable garden.   It wakes every spring and provides us with a fresh crop of vegetables with little work making it a must have garden everyone should consider planting,  even if you have a black thumb.

Heirloom Egyptian Walking Onions ★ Prolific Reproducers ★ NON GMO ★ 20 Bulbils

Easy to grow and will over winter well in zones 3 – 9 this is a must have if you love green onions.   They are the first to wake here in the spring and require little care.

Wild Leek, Ramp (Allium Tricoccum)best Tasting Member of the Onion Family-20 Seed

A must have if you have shade trees and can provide them with a happy home.  Ramps are amazingly delicious ( batter the bulbs and leaves like you would onion rings and fry until golden brown …amazing ! ) and usually found in early spring in wooded areas.  Easy to grow and needing little tending to they are a great perennial to plant.  Just make sure you have a nice shady spot for them to grow and spread out.

25 2nd Year Mary Washington Variety Asparagus Roots/Plants

My oldest brother sent me a bunch as a surprise for my birthday right before winter hit.  It was a rush to try to get it in before the snow here and winter that year was beyond awful with temps dropping well below zero and snow drifting into the back yard and piling up 6ft in some spots.  We lost some of the new starts but plenty lived through the awful weather.   This year the asparagus bed is 3 years old and I will finally be able to harvest some from our beds.  It requires little work if you mulch it well to keep the weeds at bay and once established will produce plenty of fresh asparagus every spring.  The seeds are also picked up by the birds and I have found that between my bed, the neighbours next door and the one down the road we now have asparagus growing wild every where along the country roads here making for foraging fun for us and some of the others here.

Jerusalem Artichokes -Perennial-organic Plants-sunchoke Tubers-plant-each 1 Pound

One of my favorites, not only for the delicious tubers that can be dug in the late fall and eaten but also for the pretty yellow flowers that it produces in the summer,  adding a vibrant splash of color.   They have to be kept under control though or these will take over quickly.  I dig as many up in the fall as I can find ( you never get them all ) and replant for the following year, keeping the tubers healthy and edible ( if they get crowded its an issue )  and the plants from spreading to far.

Horseradish Roots

A must have here and so much better then the stuff you get in the stores.  We have an entire bed of this planted.  Its easy to grow,  lives through the cold winter just fine and every fall I have a new batch to harvest.  Wrapped and placed in the fridge it lasts us through the winter.   The green leaves are also edible and remind me of collards.

Potato Onions – RED, WHITE, AND YELLOW MIX – Great Variety Mix – 24 Bulbs / Sets

Our newest addition to the perennial beds are potato onions.  Easy to grow and they seem to be doing well here when other onions struggle to grow these are a must have.  Each bulb produced multiples that can be harvested or replanted to expand your harvest next season.  Sweeter then your normal onions and store better then most.

RHUBARB Victoria -Fruit-Vegetable- 1.5 grams 20+ Perennial Seeds

I always have Rhubarb on hand here and it happily grows right next to the asparagus and strawberry plants I have planted with them.   A vegetables that is used more like a fruit,  its a welcome addition to pies and sweets here that is loaded with vitamins. Easy to grow and needs little tending.


Normally grown as an annual but does well as a perennial,  we have an entire bed just for garlic and harvest then replant for the next crop.  The tops are also edible ( sprinkle a few into a salad for a light garlic flavor )  and garlic scapes are amazing when sauted in a bit of butter and a dash of salt.

5 OSTRICH FERN Rhizome/root- (Matteuccia struthiopteris)  aka  Fiddle Heads

Fiddle Heads are the unopened fronds of the Ostrich Ferns.  Amazingly Delicious, especially when sautéed with a bit of butter and a sprinkle of salt they are one of those things everyone who forages hopes to find.  If your lucky enough to have a shady area where they will be happy they are easy to grow, requiring little tending and spread out,  filling in those bare spots nicely ( seriously,  in the city our neighbour had them growing in between our houses and they flourished )  and adding interest to your shade garden and will provide fiddle heads every spring to toss into your pan.

Shallot Sets Yellow,Perennial(8 Bulb) Plant spring or fall, Garden Vegetable

Delicious and easy to grow as long as you keep the weeds at bay.  Prepare a bed just for them and mulch well.  Water when its dry but when its harvest time hold back on the watering so they store well.  Harvest  what you need and replant the rest for the following year.


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