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The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible: The Must Have Book For Anyone Who Wants To Learn To Garden

This is one of those must have books for anyone who gardens or plans to this coming  year.  Even I find reason to grab it out constantly in the spring,  usually just to double check myself and make sure I’m wasn’t forgetting something ( I always have far to many projects going )  but last spring it was even more helpful.

Our garden was double the size that I usually have and we extended the growing season by planting  spring, summer and fall crops,  many which  were new plants I had never grown before.  It was all a success though thanks to this book.  We had peas,  all kinds of cold hearty greens and even carrots planted as soon as the snow melted.  Once the temps came up our normal summer vegetables got planted ( Tomato, cucs, squash and of course sunflowers for the hummingbirds )  followed later by cool loving fall veggies like cabbage and Brussel sprouts.  I was harvesting vegetables out of our garden this year until it snowed with a few things left to  winter over.

I lost count how many times I pulled this book out to look up stuff,   at times even taking it out the garden with me.  Its a great to have on hand and covers everything from soil and building beds to dealing with bugs and other issues you may have,  a few that we got hit with last year.  This was a great help !


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