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Love It: Owls Microfiber Printed Shower Curtain ~ Rug Review

I bought this shower curtain sometime ago not long after the bathroom finally got finished and the brother n law ( who was mega picky and threw fits about everything under the sun ) moved in with us.    I searched for weeks before settling on this one and I love it … plus it didn’t have flowers, wasn’t “girly”,  wasn’t “stupid”,  he couldn’t “claim” he didn’t like owls since he had other owl things and the green edges matched the bathroom walls  ( ya … I seriously jumped threw hoops just to keep the jerk happy so i didn’t have to deal with his poor attitued ) ……I love this shower curtain though, it is cute and well made,  its been hanging up for a few years and the only thing i have replaced is the liner i bought to hang behind it ( we have really hard rusty water ) and it still looks great !  I also got the rug to match  ( which is showing more wear since people kept walking on it with muddy shoes and i’m always washing the poor thing ) but all things considered its holding up amazingly and they have other things you can buy that matches also like trash cans, tooth brush holders and stuff ….

Allure Home Creations Awesome Owls Acrylic Printed Rug

We bought this to go with the matching shower curtain and boy, this poor rug gets some serious abuse in our home …. its still kicking though with no signs of dying anytime soon even if it is a bit dingy these days from the constant washing from muddy shoes ( and a naughty dog who can’t seem to get that potty pad and rug are two different things !! ugg )   Its soft and easily cleaned and it holds up if you have to keep washing it for what ever reason like a champ


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