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Aromatherapy: Art Naturals 3-Piece Lavender Oil Set with 10ml Lavender Oil Bottle and 10ml Signature Zen Bottle, 4 fl. oz. Review

I always have this one hand.  The bottle is huge and comes with a dropper making it easy to add your oil too things without making a mess or wasting it.  I use it all the time here and it usually lasts me a few months.  I put a few drops in my fractionated coconut oil that I use every night before I go to bed and its super relaxing.  I also use it in my diffuser and have been known to add it to the mop water for cleaning which makes the entire house smell fresh and clean and lightly scented.   I also add it to my spray bottle with some vinager and water and freshen up the furniture and curtains as needed.

I love the chi and zen blends also and use them in the diffuser off and on when I want a change.


Product Description

As the scent of lavender wafts past, all your cares dissolve. ArtNaturals’ Lavender Oil 3-Piece Set gives you three aromatherapy ways to start the relax: A 4-oz. bottle of Lavender Essential Oil, a 10-ml. bottle of Lavender Essential Oil, and, as a special gift, a 10-ml. bottle of ArtNaturals’ own Signature Zen essential oils blend. Use oils with a carrier oil to relieve minor burns, cuts, and bug bites, as a perfume, or just a few drops in a diffuser.

Art Naturals’ Lavender Essential Oil is made from 100 percent Bulgarian lavender, and is an all-natural, unfiltered and undiluted oil. Lavender Essential Oil is steam-distilled from Bulgarian lavender and is completely free from toxins, additives or preservatives. Art Naturals’ Signature Zen Oil blends lavender, sweet orange and rosemary oils for a combination that relaxes, relieves emotional stress, improves memory and stimulates healthy mental energy.

Perhaps the best-loved of all herbs and fragrances, lavender has been used through the ages for many natural healing purposes. Its charming fragrance reduces stress and creates a warm and welcoming environment. The 4-oz. and 10-ml. Lavender Oil can be used with a carrier oil to help heal minor burns, cuts, insect bites/bee stings, eczema, nausea, nosebleeds, dandruff, dry skin, and sooth anxiety. Lavender is also a natural disinfectant.

Lavender’s calming effect makes it an ideal sleep aid. Use Lavender Essential Oil in a diffuser, vaporizer or humidifier and gently drift off to dreams. And the 10-ml. Signature Zen blend, used with Art Naturals’ Jojoba or Fractionated Coconut Oil, creates a delicate, relaxing but revitalizing perfume fragrance.

The Lavender Oil 3-Piece Set will be an instant hit gift with any host, hostess, friend or family member—and don’t forget yourself! We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction, or your money back.


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