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Top 10 Reasons Coconut Oil Is Great For Skin Care


I always have coconut oil on hand,  but especially in the winter months when my skin gets dry, itchy and just down right uncomfortable to live with.  My face is always the worse,  especially now that we have a small little homestead and I tend to the animals outside twice a day in freezing temps and wind that never ends during the winter months.

I have been using coconut oil daily now since last summer and so far,  even with temps down to 5 degrees,  wind that never stops and being outside tending to our animals,  I am not suffering like I usually do and my skin is far softer then it is usually this time year.

These are my top 10 reasons to use coconut oil daily,  no matter what kind of skin you have.

Coconut oil is an excellent natural skin moisturiser 

I use it every night after bathing.   Traditional coconut oil hardens below 75 degrees so I usually use Fractionated coconut oil for skin care.  It goes on lighter,  does not leave behind as much greasy feeling,  absorbs into the skin quickly and does not harden making it easier to use every day.

Fractionated coconut oil is perfect as a carrier oil and can easily be scented with your favorite Essential oil.

If my skin is seriously dry though I will break out the regular coconut oil.  I apply while still in the shower everywhere,  let it sit for a minute and then rinse off well under warm water.  The result is moisturised skin that isn’t overly oily.  Be warned though,  this will leave your tub a slippery hazard so invest in a non slip mat before trying and always wash out with plenty of soap before someone else goes to take a shower.

Coconut oil is a fabulous natural makeup remover

This will remove even the toughest eye makeup.  Warm up in the palm of your hand and rub well, then rinse with warm water.

Coconut oil is the ideal deep cleanser

Love it.  I mix coconut oil with himalayan salt and use it as a face scrub a few times a week.   It leaves it soft and hydrated while removing the dead skin cells  leaving behind bright soft skin that glows naturally.

Coconut oil acts as an antibacterial shield

A must have if you suffer from acne since it will help to keep the bacteria that causes it under control resulting in few break outs.   Just use lightly as a moisturiser and a deep cleanser a few times a week.

Coconut oil tackles fungal infections

Coconut oil offers protection from sunburn

Has a natural SPF of 4 so for those days when your just going in and out of the house it offers some light protection.  If you do a bit to much sun coconut oil can help to heal the damage afterwards.

Coconut oil can reduce facial wrinkles

Fight those fine lines with coconut oil.  It penetrate deep into the skin,  attract protein molecules to  ensure timely repair of the collagen layer.

Coconut oil prevents premature aging

When used daily it provides a barrier against to dust and other environmental pollutants while keeping the skin soft, hydrated,  and supple at the same time.

Soothe chapped lips

Just apply when ever you need to to help heal those painful irritated chapped lips.

Safe, effective and hypoallergenic

Making it perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

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