Perfect Lights For Home Decor: Solar LED String Light, 100 LEDs String Lights

At night, when its dark,  our house is pitch black and it can be difficult to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without walking into either the desk or the wall so I have been slowly adding in fairy lights here and there to the decor.  They look nice,  provide plenty of light late at night, are more practical for us then night lights ( since every outlet is hidden ) and I finally got the main lights turned OFF at night, saving a few bucks on the electricity bill.

The bathroom was a challenge though since the wall where I wanted to use them had no outlet but I did have a window so I decided to try out the solar powered fairy lights.

The bathroom has an owl theme so to work them in I went for a quick hike out to the woods and came back with a weathered branch.   The lights were wrapped around it ( the copper wire makes it amazingly easy to do ) and then hung over the window.  It came out much cuter then I thought it would !  and provides plenty of light at night so we can make out where the doorway is and are not walking into the wall beside the door on the way in.  To keep it charged the husband figured out a way to hang the solar panel up in the corner of the window facing out so it can get plenty of sunlight during the day.  It lasts most of the night for us and doesn’t cost us anything to run at all.  I can set them to blink or not and they come on automatically at dusk making them easy and carefree.  They are also water proof which is great since they are only a few feet away from our shower.

Would work perfectly to light up holiday wreaths or other things on the front porch especially since you don’t have to have an outlet and they are weather proof.


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