Top 10 Reasons To Add The Superfood Black Garlic To Your Diet This Coming Year

If you have never heard of it I encourage your to find it and try it !  Even if you don’t like garlic.  No really,  It taste nothing like the regular garlic you are use to and I can even get the kids here to eat no problems.  Best of all its loaded with health benifits.

1.)  My number one reason to add it into your diet is just because it taste so good.  Its sweet,  a bit like molasses and chewy.  It goes great in pasta dishes and can be worked into almost anything savory so its easy to incorporate to boot,  which makes it all that much easier to work into the diet.

2.)  Protection against Cancer ~  Fermenting it turns it into the super hero version of garlic,  without the bad breath.

3.)  Helps to lower Cholesterol

4.)  Infection protection ~ If normal garlic can be so helpful during a cold just thing what this mega garlic can do !

5.) Disease Protection ~  Being so high in Garlic in antioxidants naturally, black garlic can guard against free radicals and help keep you healthy.

6.)  The fermentation that produces black garlic reduces the pungent odor and strong flavor, making it more palatable and appealing to some people.  Seriously, even if you don’t like normal garlic you should try this stuff.

7.) No garlic breath and no garlic smell coming out of your pores so you can use it daily without the traditional “smell” that comes with it.

8.)  Its delicious, healthier and more powerful then regular garlic.

9.)  If regular garlic upsets your stomach,  this won’t so you can enjoy the health benefits.

10.)  Black garlic is naturally fermented and everyone knows that eating fermented foods helps our systems stay healthy with flora.

This is one superfood I can eat every day without trying.

RioRand® YUHONGYUAN 170g Organic WHOLE Black Garlic contains approximately 850 mg S-allyl-cysteine per bulb Aged for FULL 90 days

Trader Joe’s Japanese Aomori Black Garlic 1.76 oz

Whole Black Garlic – 1.5 poundsWhole Black Garlic – 1.5 pounds

Whole Black Garlic – 2 Bulbs

Nex® Professional Black Garlic Fermenter Make Black Garlic By Self, Black Garlic Ferment Box Black Garlic Maker Recycle Automatic Operation  ~  Amazing Gift for anyone who loves Superfoods.


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