Easier Than You Think: Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker Review ~ Great Christmas Gift !

This was a Christmas gift from my mother a few years ago.   She knows I like yogurt,  even if I do hate milk and dairy and I like making my own things so this arrived one day, along with the “yogurt” cookbook.

We always have yogurt on hand now and ya, two years later and I am still using this gadget.  Its amazingly easy and simple to make a great yogurt and I don’t even have to buy the starter ( which is pricey ) Instead I grab a container or two of organic plain yogurt at the grocery store and use that to start my batches.  Its far cheaper and easy to get,  a plus when you live in a rural area.

To make the yogurt you start by bringing your milk up to temp in a large sauce pan.  Best if you use a good quality non stick pan for this,  the clean up easier.  One med. low heat I let it sit until it begins to climb the sides and I usually pull off the skin that forms on top.  This part is important so don’t skip it.  Once it has started to climb the side of the pan on its own I remove it from the heat and allow it to cool down.  You don’t want it cold, but you do want it cool enough that you would happily feed it to a newborn.   I then stir in my organic yogurt and mix well before pouring into the glass yogurt jars, place them in the machine and turn it on.  The next morning its usually done and i cap and put away in the fridge.

Plain yogurt can easily replace sour cream so I never mix in flavors when I’m making it.  If I want to flavor it for normal eating I will stir in a spoonful of pie filling, honey or even jam and mix it up.  Everyone can mix up their own flavors,  I still have some for dishes calling for plain yogurt and to make another batch I save back the last jar and repeat, replacing the starter with a new one after the 3rd batch.

It sounds complicated but honestly, once you get threw it once you will be able to do it in your sleep.

In fact we love this thing so much we bought the add on level to make two batches at once and extra jars.  It works but to get it to work right with the double layer you have to remember to swap the bottom with the top to keep things evenly heated half way through so I don’t usually use it these days.


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