How I Have Lost 20 Pounds Without Feeling Hungry

This works !  Just stick to the plan.  The drops go under your tongue for a few minutes about 15 minutes before meals and suppress your appetite so well that you don’t “feel” like your on a diet,  even if you are eating far fewer calories.   I’m losing and honestly I’m not following the diet they suggest due to food allergies and things.  I am mainly eating a bit of meat for protein and veggies,  when I do want something sweet I go for fruit instead of chocolate or chips and oils, dressings and sugars are limited ( Still prefer my tea with a touch of honey now and then )  I have lost 20lbs in the past month and half which isn’t bad considering I’m consuming more calories then I should be ( husband insisted on at least 1,000 or so ..) and following my own plan not theirs due to personal issues.  I drink plenty of water every day, don’t drink soda pop and one day a week i get a free day, usually his first day off and its tradition to cook something yummy then.

If you have the new years resolution to lose those pounds this might be the way to go.   I also take Vitamin b-12 daily and Vitamin D in liquid form ( B since i know I’m always low and D because its winter and our home is dark, no sunlight and its a winter thing )


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