Perfect For Kids ~ Mini USB Desktop Aquarium Fish Tank with Clock LCD Display and LED Table Lamp

We have had aquariums for years and this is adorable and perfect for a little girls or boys desk or night stand.   Big enough to happily house a cute little Beta fish and has a built in water filter, pump,  light, gravel and has an alarm clock,  Calendar, Temperature built in making it far more then just a fish tank.   It even plays sounds such as frogs, water, or birds.

Very cute and would work great for a Beta fish.  I would avoid gold or other small fish unless properly cycled.  The small size will cause the ammonia and nitrates to climb quickly killing your fish.  If you have another tank already established you can “seed” your new little tank with some gravel from the already established one or ask your local pet shop for a bit of theirs.  They are usually happy to help and you will establish a healthy tank much faster.  If you can not seed stick with the beta fish.  They don’t need “clean” water and will live through the start up just fine.  When time to clean remove onl 25 % of water and replace with clean to keep things stable.


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