Garden of Life mykind Organics Organic Amla Vitamin C

Garden of Life mykind Organics Organic Amla Vitamin C 2oz Liquid

With Fall already here and the temps jumping around like mad here in Southern Michigan, we have already upped our intake of immune boosting vitamins and elixirs to ward of the colds and flues that tend to surprise you during the cold months.

I also want to do it without having to swallow a handful of pills, which I have never cared for at all and I always want to keep things as “organic” as possible here for a variety of reasons. I love the spray form since it instantly hits your system fast.

Garden of Life mykind Organics Organic Amla Vitamin C is great. It taste like citrus fruit and just a few sprays in your mouth and you have all you need to boost the immune system and fight off the germs that are lurking in fall /winter months. Helping to keep you healthy for all the holiday madness.

We already eat a very well rounded healthy diet so I never do the full 5 sprays that are suggested. Two seems to be enough for me ( I also take a garlic / lemon elixir every morning ) and the husband does 3.

When either one of us notice a cold coming on though we up the sprays to 5 to help kick out any bug we managed to pick up fast. Its rare that we ever get sick though due to the healthy diet, vitamins and other things we do here to stay well and this really helps to kick out any bugs that we do manage to pick up fast.

I also sneak a bit into the nieces ” feel better ” tea to help get her over the cold and the flu as fast as possible. It adds a bit of citrus flavor and gives her immune system a boost when she needs it most and is usually to grumpy to take it the normal way. She will happily take a spray in the morning though when she’s not sick and grumpy, and since she is so small she doesn’t even get a full spray. It really does seem to keep her from picking up all the germs at school as much as she used to, and that is with her father feeding her food that really isn’t all that healthy.

Highly Recommended, especially if you need a boost like we do to stay healthy and get everything done.

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