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52% Off ~ Serta RTA Copenhagen Collection 61″ Loveseat in Marzipan, CR43531PB

We had no choice but to replace the last couch after the nephew had spent a few nights here (  he had a pee accident and his sisters didn’t bother to tell us.  They just flipped over the cushions and left it so a week later and we are both trying to track down the “smell” and after it sat in the heat of summer, nothing would get it out  )

Our living room is large but the layout is a bit strange,  complicated by the fact that I have an large computer desk set up in the one corner so we decided to go with a love seat to save a bit of room and after shopping around settled on this one.

First off,  I love ordering furniture from Amazon.   I have a far bigger selection online then I do here ( seriously,  we have walmart ….. unless you want to drive 60 miles )    Things always seem to be delivered while the husband is asleep ( 3rd shifter ) so I have no help,  but the delivery people always are helpful and make sure it gets into the house and into the right area for me to unpack and start putting together,  a mega bonus.

This little couch has worked out perfectly for us.  Its the perfect size,  was fairly easy to put together ( seriously,  when you see the box you will wonder how on earth they got an entire couch in there )  and it looks great in our living room.  Giving us a place to sit and enjoy the tv that is comfortable.  So far it has kept up beautifully with the two of us and the three dogs and when it does get dirty it cleans up nicely.   Don’t know how it stands up to kids since we have a no kid over night rule now in place (  It wasn’t just the couch last time,  that was just the worse ) to save us from having to replace expensive items,  but with “normal” children I wouldn’t expect it to be to much of an issue.  It came with little throw pillows also but due to the dogs ( 2 are still in the pup stage ) we do not use them since they would most likely get chewed up but they look great with the couch,  hopefully I can bring them back out once these two get over their “chew things up and drag stuffing all over” phase.

Great little couch and perfect for small places.


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