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Lobo Commander Dog Training Collar

We picked this up for our month old jack russle / collie mix named Enna. She really is a very good pup ! and becoming very helpful since she will catch the chickens who sometimes get out of their pen for me ( no worries, she doesn’t hurt them. Just pins them down until I can grab them ) but she’s also still a puppy and when we are outside in the yard she doesn’t always listen well. She runs off into the beans and won’t come when I call her which always worries us and when I have her on the leash she loves to pull which has become a serious issue more then once while we were out in the woods looking for mushrooms. Its usually wet and slippery out there after a rain with trip hazards everywhere so her yanking me this way and that just can’t happen and no amount of scolding seems to get threw to her.

I have been using this collar daily for a week now and its great. I usually only use the vibrate / tone buttons at different levels depending on the situation but there is also a shock button for really stubborn dogs. The vibrate tells her she’s being bad and needs to listen and it bothers her enough that she does ! and the tone I use to tell her she did a good job and she always starts wagging her tail. She is also behaving better on her leash and not pulling all the time now as we walk which I really love and I’m hoping if we keep working at it I can train her for off leash hiking by next spring.

The collar is easily adjustable and can be cut down for smaller dogs like our Enna but will fit much larger breeds ! The remote is easy to read and understand and the buttons are all clearly marked which I really like since this is my first time using anything like this. Someone else said its powerful enough to drop a rot to its knees if you use the shock button but I haven’t tried it on Enna ! Now if my ex ever shows up I might try it on him šŸ™‚ Its water proof and I have used it while we were out in the rain with no problem. Its will work up to 400 yards which is great in our large yard and I don’t need to turn things on or off … once the collar is on it just works when you need it to. I couldn’t be happier with this training collar.


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