Flipboard ~ An Amazing Place For Bloggers To Share Their Content and Increase Traffic

We all want lots of traffic to our blogs and flipboard is amazing at bring the people in,  by the hundreds and thousands.  I have had a few articles hit in the 20,000 thousands and higher using it.  I really is amazing and a great tool to promote your blog.

Simple create an account ( I will put a link below ) and using their “flip it” tool begin adding in your articles to your own personal magazine.

By Flipping your articles into your own magazine you are helping your stories to be seen in the topic feeds, many which get millions of viewers.   Flips, comments, likes, shares and views are all signals to their system that the content is great so the higher the interactions, the more likely it is your things will pop up in a main topic.

You want your magazine to have a strong title and description.  The more information there is the more likely it will be discovered.

So get to flipping those articles and if you follow my flipbaord page I can come and follow yours and flip a few articles to help you get started.

Be sure to check out my newest board just for this blog at  https://flipboard.com/@ThingsILove

To join Flipboard and increase traffic to your blog CLICK HERE

To easily flip your articles add the flip it button to your tool bar.  It can be found HERE


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